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Tux-Lab's goal is to prove a nurturing, collegial, and collaborative domestic manufacturing environment for aspiring entrepreneurs who value liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.

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- Updates -

Aug 31 2010

Hass TL-2 & SR-100 Factory Setup

Haas factory setup courtesy of HFO Torrance.

Haas TL-2 Toolroom Lathe setup.

Haas SR-100 Router setup.

Jun 25 2010

Hass VF-2SS End of Hibernation

Haas VF-2SS powers up after 9 month of hibernation.

Feb 21 2010

Subpanel D

Tux-Lab Electrical Subpanel D

After 6 month of frequent stops and periodic works, the supposedly weekend project has been completed. We now have power to the machines.

Feb 17 2010

Work In Progress

Progress has been slow and the manufacturing space is gradually taking shape.

Freedom for ALL!!!